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Archbishop Lefebvre

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

In 1970, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre established the Society of St. Pius X with the full approval of Rome and according to the dictates of Canon Law. The purpose of the Society is the formation of priests in a manner untainted by any trace of modern errors in doctrine, morals or worship.

This site describes the work and activities of the Society in Australia. For comprehensive news about the Society world-wide, including the latest in regard to relations with the Vatican, please visit the website of the Mother House in Switzerland.

In keeping with the two-thousand-year old traditions of the Catholic Church, the priests of the Society of St. Pius X celebrate the immemorial Mass of St. Pius V (also known as the Tridentine Mass). They pray daily for our Roman Pontiff, Francis.

Currently, more than 500 priests of the Society offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in 55 countries across the globe. Of this number, 16 are located in the District of Australia. Five priories have been established in this country, with the Headquarters in Sydney, under the direction of the Superior, Fr. John Fullerton. From these centres, the priests travel to approximately 35 locations to celebrate Mass.

Holy Cross Seminary, located in Goulburn NSW, is one of six Society seminaries. Here, young men from Australia and from around the world pursue their studies for the preparation to the priesthood. The International Seminary of St. Pius X is located in Econe, Switzerland.

The Society of St. Pius X also has over 150 Religious (Brothers, Nuns, and Oblates) worldwide, with several established novitiates in different parts of the globe for young ladies and gentlemen to answer religious vocations. In Sydney, the Society has a convent of Sisters for the purpose of assisting the priests and for the education of youth. The Sisters are responsible for the administration of St. Dominic Savio School in Rockdale.

There are other schools in the District, located in Victoria and Queensland. St. Thomas Aquinas College, a fully-registered primary and secondary school, was established in 1997 in Tynong, Victoria, outside of Melbourne. STAC operates under Catholic standards with full government approval, having over 300 students. St. Philomena School, located at Park Ridge near Brisbane in pleasant rural surroundings, is a flourishing primary school which has recently established a secondary department.

Prayer to Saint Pius X

Saint Pius X, glory of the priesthood, light and honour of the Christian people, you in whom lowliness seemed blended with greatness, severity with mildness, simple piety with profound learning; you, Pope of the Holy Eucharist and of the catechism, of unsullied faith and fearless strength, turn your gaze on holy Church, which you so loved and to which you consecrated the choicest of those treasures with which the lavish hand of the Divine Bounty had enriched your soul; obtain for her safety and steadfastness amid the difficulties and persecutions of our times; sustain this poor human race, whose sufferings you shared in so largely, those sufferings which at the end stilled the beating of your great heart; bring it about that this troubled world may witness the triumph of that peace which should mean harmony among nations, brotherly accord and sincere collaboration among individual men, so that thus those ardent desires which consumed your apostolic life may become by your intercession a blessed reality, to the glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who with the Father and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns forever and ever, Amen!



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